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AIE Mobile Tool Calibration Cell 02

The AIE-MTCC-02 is the perfect partner for DC and manual tooling suppliers to maintain customer tools calibration records.

This mobile and robust platform offers tooling suppliers the ability to provide fast, responsive and effective tool calibration services at the production line, eliminating
the need to remove the tools off site or to the site workshop for calibration.

Available as a base unit or complete functioning calibration cell complete with torque transducers, test joints, data computer and all required ancillaries for torque ranges from 0.5Nm to 500Nm.

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AIE-MTCC-02 Data Sheet 2.1

AIE On-Tool Calibration Systems

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Creating efficient and effective manufacturing environments is key to increasing productivity and competitiveness.

Key to maintaining joint quality and compliance is a robust testing and calibration procedure.

Combine the two with testing integrated DC Tools in-situ with on-tool testing and calibration.

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AIE-On Tool Calibration-01 Data Sheet