Below are examples of previous and ongoing engineering projects undertaken by AIE.

Automated press system

Delivering accurate pressing of automotive parts in a complete stand alone cell.

Autopress 1

Automotive chassis assembly fixtures

Complete design, manufacture, assembly and test Automotive chassis build fixtures.

Automotive sub assembly station

Battery sub assembly station.

Automotive tooling assisters, torque reaction arms and tool holding

AIE have supplied a wide rage of tool holding, torque rection arms, tooling assister arms and tool systems in to various Automotive OEMs.

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Automotive assistors, end effectors and part manipulators

The complete supply of various part minipulation systems to handle powertrain, seats, engines, subframes.


Automotive engine build carrier

AIE are expert in the field of powertrain handeling and assembly technology having delivered many complete systems and upgrades to various automotive manufacturers.

Automotive marriage rework tooling system

Under a health and safety initiative Jaguar Land Rover contracted AIE to install a new tooling system to service their premium SUV vehicles. This semi-automatic tooling system secures the chassis to body bolts in a rework station. AIE undertook all aspects of the project from mechanical design, pneumatic design, manufacture, assembly, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), installation and commissioning.

AIE provided the complete turnkey project within the customers time and budget constraints.