Below are examples of previous and ongoing engineering projects undertaken by AIE.

Automotive corner assembly fixture

Complete design, in-house manufacture, assembly and test of 2 off custom corner build fixtures for the Automotive industry.

Corner Assembly Fixture

Automotive sub assembly station

Complete design, manufacture, assembly and installation of a bespoke semi-automated sub assembly station for the automotive indusrty.

Automotive tooling assisters and tool holding

AIE have supplied a wide rage of tool holding, torque rection arms, tooling assister arms and tool systems in to various Automotive OEMs.

Automotive marriage rework tooling system

Under a health and safety initiative Jaguar Land Rover contracted AIE to install a new tooling system to service their premium SUV vehicles. This semi-automatic tooling system secures the chassis to body bolts in a rework station. AIE undertook all aspects of the project from mechanical design, pneumatic design, manufacture, assembly, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), installation and commissioning.

AIE provided the complete turnkey project within the customers time and budget constraints.

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Automotive end effectors / part manipulators

The complete supply of various part minipulation systems to handle powertrain, seats, engines, subframes.


Torque reaction arm

Complete AIE design, manufacture, assembly, FAT and installation of 6 off high torque reaction arms. These trolley mounted mobile arms are designed to remove all forces from the operator during the assembly of premium SUVs. Complete with multi positional tool holder, the arms can articulate into the tightest of areas whilst maintaining a low profile stowed condition.

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Automotive engine build carrier

AIE was contracted to design, manufacture, install and commission a 1 off prototype engine carrier for Jaguar Land Rover. This was required to service all existing engines and 1 new engine assembly to a SWL of 500kg. This project was installed and fully validated within 48 hours which contributed to the early completion of the larger project.

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Jib arm part assister and end effector

AIE provided 2 off complete turnkey jib arm hoists and end effectors to lift parts out of stillages to aid in the assembly of SUV vehicles.

Automotive Assembly Torque Reaction Arm

AIE has provide a complete turnkey solution to assist in the assembly of premium SUVs with a bespoke torque reaction arm. Capable of negating the 450Nm reaction of a critical tow bar mount fixing this arm allows operators to safely and within cycle time assembly the vehicle on a moving track. AIE has employed a novel technology to eliminate the effective torque with a lightweight pneumatic clutch system capable of withstanding 900Nm to deliver a robust, easily maintained and effect system.

AIE provided full mechanical design, pneumatic design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and CE marking.


Under guarding, EMS Track supports and Maintenance Walkway System

AIE provided design, manufacture and project management of an engine delivery system and efficient maintenance access platform upgrade at a premium automotive manufacturer. AIE took this project from the requirements stage and produced concept design and final designs all in 3D and 2D for approval by the customer. Once satisfied AIE progressed with the detailed design, manufacture and delivery ready for installation.

Keeping within tight deadlines and strict requirements AIE has created a bespoke EMS track support and maintenance walkway system that completely fulfills the customers needs.

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SUV Trim and Final Assembly Aid

AIE undertook the design, manufacture and installation of a bespoke handling aid for the assembly of a power inverter for Jaguar Land Rover.



Structural Steel Work

Design, manufacture and installation of 10,000kg of structural work. This bespoke frame-work was designed to withstand dynamic loading of up to 6000kg. The various pedestals adhered to their loading and accurate installation requirements.

Laser cut 20mm mounting plates fabricated onto saw cut steel I beams. Load tested and certified to SWL of 2000kg / section. Finished in grey primer to customers specification.

Tooling Components

Manufacture, part mark, chemically blacken and supply parts only to customers specification. This large order composed of various complex machined components for a set of bespoke tooling.

Various flame cuts, machined from solid and machined – fabricated parts.

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